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  1. finals

    So here I am studying for my first set of finals for nursing school and to be honest I feel very confident in my ability to do well on the final. The best part of the week was getting through Friday. I had my final head-to-toe assessment that we had to conduct on our partner in 20min or less. It consisted of 50+ things we had to say and do everything from the test name, demonstration, and which cranial nerve it was (name, number, and whether sensory, motor, or both). The nerve racking part of this ...
  2. Boards are over... F yah!


    So i went into the testing center and was terrified. I could feel the stress and it was not good. On the otherhand, I also felt elation just to have this done.

    The process at the testing center is exactly the same one as you had during the SEE exam. It was pretty quick and I was in the room testing.

    Sitting there in front of the PC calmed me a bit, here it was. This was it.

    One piece of advice i would give everyone about testing is that ...
  3. Summer Semester is Almost Over...........

    ....and I feel like I have learned nothing in the way of nursing. I expected so much more out of nursing school than this but then again, most of the nurses I know go to work, do their job, and go home. Not exactly what I would call motivated to excel. God bless them for liking what they do and I know we need them as much as they need the job. I just thought that there would be some hemodynamics, patho, and the like that I would learn out this. Not so.

    So what do I do to ...
  4. Finally

    I've finally enrolled in a BSN program. I'm doing the University of Norht Alabama online program. This time next year I'll be able to start sending off applications. We will see. Came off of celexa cold turkey. I can now see that I was in a slight haze on it. It definitely helped but I don't like depending on antidepressants.
  5. Getting closer...

    So my official "temporary retirement" begins August 14th...that will be the last day of gainful employment for me until sometime mid-2012!! My last day at my "main" job (where I've been part time for three months) is August 10th, and my last day at my second job will be that same week on Friday the 14th.

    Also that same week, one of my best friends is graduating from her nursing program :nurse:. With so much to celebrate, we've decided that four of us girls are headed to San Antonio ...