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  1. Start of a long road

    I have been apart of this website for quite some time and I am now just getting around to starting a journal. Most have started their journal from the start of their CRNA program to finish and I will be starting mine from my first semester in Nursing School and hope to continue it on through CRNA program. Getting towards the end of my first semester of the accelerated nursing program is coming ever closer and I dream the day it's here. I have learned so much in little time and have made a huge difference ...
  2. Almost Here

    Now just a few weeks before I leave for Ft Worth. I am finishing the chemistry class and it has gone fairly well. I have all my books and feel confident about starting class. All my friends have been so supportive and that is a big help. What a challenge this is going to be.
  3. Closer and closer.....

    As the boards loom ever closer... I wonder if I am going to pass..

    So many people failing this year, it is surprising. Moreover, the more you look at this stuff it seems that it stays only vaguely familiar. I dont feel like i can just 'whip' off the answers... with so much review i would assume I could... I cannot memorize like i used to when i was in my 20's.

    This is easily the highest stress time in my life and I just dont really get stressed often. I feel like a hermit... ...
  4. My last summer

    So apparently I have not updated my journal in six months.

    I am going to UT (yay!) and starting full time August 31st. I decided to take the three classes that were offered during the summer in order to lighten the load in the fall and spring - these are the MSN classes that have nothing at all to do with anesthesia but that everyone has to take to get the degree. The theory class is just a bunch of paper writing, statistical analysis is fun to me, and I completed the info systems ...
  5. Working Agency for the $$$$ (gotta eat while in school)

    OK so working a shift for Agency...on dinner break.
    I am in the CVICU at a little Portland Hospital..(a newer unit).
    Easy enough shift, and later that $500 bucks will come in handy!

    I enjoy the board so much I learn something new everyday.
    Other times I think HOLY CRAP..I know NOTHING..(in light of many of the regulars posts).
    I really enjoy Armygas..but GOD does he like research..any kind, just let him research it!
    I also enjoy Mikes posts, as well ...

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