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  1. Getting closer...

    So my official "temporary retirement" begins August 14th...that will be the last day of gainful employment for me until sometime mid-2012!! My last day at my "main" job (where I've been part time for three months) is August 10th, and my last day at my second job will be that same week on Friday the 14th.

    Also that same week, one of my best friends is graduating from her nursing program :nurse:. With so much to celebrate, we've decided that four of us girls are headed to San Antonio ...
  2. Time to take some core classes

    As the summer ends, I am preparing to take some core classes to reduce my course load prior to matriculation into the program. This Fall I will be taking research. Looking forward to that 2 hour drive from maryland once a week. :eek5:

    I think this will be my hardest class prior to the start of my program (Aug 2010). After I finish research I will be taking Pharm, Health Ass, and Theory in the spring and summer sessions.

    Until next time.......
  3. hmm.....nope nothing here

    Just sitting here and thinking about classes and being a student again....only 7 weeks out. I'm completely jazzed to be done with work and start, finally start!

    Then I realize that I'm once again going from the guy who knows (mostly...ok sometimes) what he's doing right back to the bottom rung. WOW as I look up there sure are a lot of rungs from here to CRNA. Worst part is, I know there are parts of this journey that I don't even know about yet, parts that will reveal themselves ...
  4. "and you may ask did I get here?!"

    Pull up a chair and a cup of's my first entry/ intro. I suppose I'll use this like most others and use this to document my journey through Anesthesia School. I'm sure I will throw some other random BS in here too so as to not make it that boring (I hope).

    ...the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman...discuss.

    First of all, I had NO idea there was a journal section to this website! Been a member for a little while and I'm still seeing new things ...
  5. Start of a long road

    I have been apart of this website for quite some time and I am now just getting around to starting a journal. Most have started their journal from the start of their CRNA program to finish and I will be starting mine from my first semester in Nursing School and hope to continue it on through CRNA program. Getting towards the end of my first semester of the accelerated nursing program is coming ever closer and I dream the day it's here. I have learned so much in little time and have made a huge difference ...

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