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A category about SRNAs working through the program

  1. Presentation Topics

    Hi there,

    My clinical site requires all student to come up with a 40 minutes presentation for the staff. I had some topics in mind but got rejected. Looking for ideas......

    Thank you very much
  2. May need surgery!

    So things are going well in school. I really enjoy learning about all things anesthesia! We are now putting things together and it is so rewarding understanding how they fit. I can't wait for clinicals to start, but I know it will be a steep learning curve as those before me have warned me. I'm planning on setting up a review schedule to review all the content I've had up until now over the next semester. It's not that I've forgotten it, but I feel like there is no room for error in anesthesia ...
  3. Summer semester is done!

    So we just finished our summer semester a little over a week ago. I'm in a program that allows us to do our didactic portion over two years instead of one before we move on to the clinical phase. So the next semester the next class will start (most of them at the traditional speed) and I will finally be getting into the meat and potatoes of anesthesia. I am so ready! My summer classes were online so it will be nice to be back in the classroom. I hope the new class is as great as the class I ...
  4. Loan refinance advice

    I have seen a few posts recently about loan repayment and refinance options but the threads went in different directions. I am curious if people have any experience with the refinance company SoFi? (

    They offer a variable rate of 2.91 on loans with autopay. Variable rates make me nervous, but I like the lower rates they offer.

    I am trying to get an idea of how they are to work with as a company and if people like the service generally. Any ...
  5. Valley mixed review 2013

    Looking for valley mixed reviews for this year 2013 .... Anyone willing to share or willing to sell ?
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