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My journey from RN to CRNA

This is a running log of my experience in the process.

  1. Looking back over the last couple years

    Wow, what changes we have seen...

    Jobs tightening up, the website exploding with new members, schools putting out too many students and even more attacks by out detractors with a background of major wins for our profession... and ive been working

    We have seen an iphone app come to fruition as well as a major and minor website upgrade.

    My wife has graduated anesthesia school and is working now.

    We are buying a house and getting out of ...
    CRNAs in Practice
  2. Logical fallacies

    One of the most interesting things to me is debate (go figure). So I have spent alot of time learning about debate techniques and how to try and win!

    There are many different debate failures and I thought I would post some of em here, i know I make them often and im sure many others do!

    Argumentum ad nauseam or the argument to the point of disgust; i.e., by repetition. Essentially this is the fallacy of trying to prove something by saying it again and again. But no matter ...
  3. Wondering what the future holds...

    Interesting conversation the other day...

    I was sitting with a couple of people from my group and we were discussing the future of anesthesia in general. It is always interesting to see the drastic difference in opinion from one person to another.

    One fella was saying how we should work like DOGS now because 5 years from now we (CRNAs) will be making 90K a year at best and floor RNs will be lucky to make 40K.

    Another fellow (one of our MDAs) was talking about ...
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    CRNAs in Practice
  4. A year in practice looking back


    So here I am a year since I have been in my practice. It is amazing just how differently I practice now since day 1. My comfort level is significantly higher as well. I would say I do almost nothing like what I did in training. Just some quick examples of that...

    - Noone where i trained used ketamine, i use it all the time

    - noone where I trained was comfortable with deep extubation, i do it all the time

    - noone mixed drugs to get a better ...
  5. Thinking about a Doctorate...


    So now I have been out of school for 8 months and am really starting to think about this doctorate buisness. What to do? PhD, DNP, DNAP or EdD? These are the ones I have been considering..

    I want to do something that will have some beneficial impact both clinically and for my professional future.. so I decided to break them all down here from my own perspective..

    PhD. Well, this is truly a pure research doctorate. It will likely cost more and take longer ...
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