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944S's Journal

  1. Third Quarter

    Well it is hard to believe but third quarter has come and gone! :laufband: This week I get clinical every day plus two days on call while half the class is on vacation. Next week it is my time to be off, before the fourth and final quarter of our didactic education! Although we have averaged over 20 hrs a week of clinical since week 7, our senior year/15months we have no classes, only clinical 50hrs a week and I can't hardly wait. We do have comp exams and a 30 page paper but at least we won't ...
  2. First quarter

    Well it is hard to imagine but the first quarter is almost over. Finished my first rotation last week, 8 weeks of GYN surgery. It is going to be different seeing something on a regular basis other than the lithotomy position!
    I actually started to get a little comfortable at the end so am waiting for my smack upside the head. Gained excellent experience including multiple spinals and my preceptor was really big on alternative airway techniques. We did about everyone I had ever heard of ...
  3. Two weeks of Clinical

    Well, as the title states we have now completed two weeks of clinical. I can say without reservation we are NOT treated as "stool pigeons" as someone elequantly put it. Did multiple DL's the first day. At this point have used a bougie and attempted a spinal on a 250lb, 5' 3" pt. I did not feel so bad for missing it after the attending took about ten minutes and two mutilated needles before finally getting it.
    Anyway had better go study. 4 quizzes and large physiology test await during the ...
  4. Week 4

    Well I find it hard to fathom but I am already almost done with week 4! So far so good and man, I can't believe how time has flown! Only 27 months to go. :aargh4: This week has consisted of ACLS and PALS which was quite different considering I have been an instructor in both for 7 yrs.

    So far we have had one 100 question test over twelve leads and arhythmias, a 30+ question test on meds, a similar one on bier blocks and another on local meds and calcuations. A 4.0 so far is safe, ...
  5. First Day.

    Well the day has finally arrived!!!! The first day of class, 11 hours total with the first 9 being introductions and general administrative items. This included clinical assignments for the next year, financial aid, legal affairs, name badges and going over the academic schedule. The last two hours were lectures on Airway. They were nice enough to cater our lunch as well as a break in the afternoon.

    Our school starts off with class almost every day all day for 5 weeks and includes ...