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  1. Bupivacaine toxicity - J. of Anesthesiology Excerpt -
  2. Chemistry of Dantrolene
  3. Anectine & Marfans syndrome Who Knew?
  4. New PONV drug
  5. Black Box Warning re:Anzemet issued by Health Canada June 23,2006
  6. Pharm website
  7. Ultegra platelet analyzer
  8. Goldilocks Techniques of Extubation
  9. Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics VIDEO
  10. Spinal or Epidural Anesthesia - What's the Difference? VIDEO
  11. Pharmacology: Major Differences for Spinal and Epidural VIDEO
  12. Acute Pain Management: the Rational for Balanced Analgesia VIDEO
  13. Pain Physiology VIDEO
  14. Analgesia: Mankind's Search for Pain Relief VIDEO
  15. Epidural Opiates VIDEO
  16. Brachial Plexus Anesthesia VIDEO
  17. sugammadex
  18. Not sure where to put this.....
  19. Again...don't know where to put this...
  20. Are you regularily premedicating kids with atropine for RSI?
  21. Suxx and ICP & Fasc.
  22. More BIS Controversy: A Case Study
  23. The King
  24. And Alex the question is....
  25. Tutorials
  26. Placing a Central Line *Video*
  27. VIDEO- Lipid Reversal of Bupivacaine Toxicity
  28. VIDEO - Transtracheal Injection
  29. Rigid Bronchoscopy / pulmonary stenting
  30. What's the cost??
  31. Prevention of Perioperative Cardiac Morbidity part 1-8 Video
  32. Intubation Video
  33. Concious Surgical Intubation w ILMA
  34. Sugammadex - Info
  35. Updted L&D guidelines
  36. Sugammadex recent trail very positive
  37. Nice intubation animation
  38. Epidural Technique VIDEO
  39. Inserting a CVP/PA Cath VIDEO
  40. Anatomical Planes & Descriptions
  41. CVL Insertion
  42. Succinylcholine and patients on dialysis
  43. Metoclopramide & opioid induced gastric stasis
  44. Nasal Intubation
  45. I need help with math, please!
  46. chem phys
  47. Pediatric Intraosseous access in the OR
  48. Pre-op Assessment Checklist
  49. Circuit Guard... anyone using this?
  50. ERCP
  51. Another Study Bashes BIS
  52. dexamethasone
  53. Hespan new formulary ???
  54. The ease of the Gidescope
  55. An Acceptable Substitute for Dantrolene
  56. Best Damn review on pacemakers amd magnets EVER!!!!!!
  57. Stage II
  58. Viewing cords after neck surgery
  59. glidescope for awke DL
  60. rule of 10
  61. intraoperative beta blockade-still doing it?
  62. Good Stethoscope
  63. Selectivity of NMBDs
  64. Guillion Barre and anesthesia
  65. cardiac out put via ETT
  66. External Jugular IV lines
  67. PICC lines.... anyone?
  68. Ionization of Thiopental
  69. Ketamine for the reduction of both acute and chronic post operative pain
  70. HELP!! Volume distribution??
  71. Any alternate methods for estimating Hgb, Hct without labs?
  72. Videos on knot tying and central line placement
  73. Need help finding a manual for an old ventilator
  74. LMA C-Trach
  75. Anyone used the King Vision Video Laryngoscope???
  76. IV Ibuprofen (Caldolor)
  77. PICC Line information
  78. QED 100 - anyone using this?
  79. NMBAs for prehospital use
  80. Normal Saline and Propofol
  81. Preservative Free Dilaudid
  82. Drug Shortages
  83. Effient
  84. Are the current drug shortages a result of attempts at price fixing?
  85. Baricity of Epidural Test Dose
  86. Inadvertent intrathecal catheter placement
  87. Nesacaine bites the dust
  88. Do you know how much your facility paid for those drugs you give?
  89. Scopolamine is the devil!
  90. You would not believe what's in his bag!
  91. Pitocin and Neosynephrine
  92. End tidal propofol - coming to a monitor near you?
  93. Need opinions on Datex Ohmeda ADU CareStation or any other anesthesia machine
  94. Steroids for anaphylaxis
  95. Universal standardization of medicine labels?
  96. IBW vs Actual Body weight
  97. National Board of Echocardiography
  98. MRI Conditional or MRI Safe laryngoscope handles and blades
  99. Narcan in septic shock
  100. Clinical Practice Guidelines for Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Surgery
  101. Off Label Drugs in Anesthesia
  102. Cricoid Pressure During RSI?
  103. First day with Sugammadex