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  1. Clinical Anesthesiology by Edward Morgan and Maged Mikhail
  2. Watchful Care - History of Nurse Anesthesia
  3. Millerís Anesthesia by Ronald Miller
  4. Clinical Anesthesia by Paul Barash
  5. Anesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures
  6. The Handbook of Anesthesiology
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  8. Basics of Anesthesia by Robert Stoelting and Ronald Miller 5th Ed
  9. Anesthesiology Review 3rd ed.
  10. Review of Clinical Anesthesia
  11. Nurse Anesthesia Pocket Guide
  12. Does anyone know where to find textbooks
  13. Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain management
  14. Anesthesia Drugs Handbook - Sota
  15. Essence of Anesthesia Practice 2nd ed
  16. manual of pediatric anesthesia
  17. Pediatric Pocket Guide
  18. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Drug Handbook
  19. Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease
  20. Atlas of Airway Management: Techniques and Tools: Tools and Techniques
  21. Bar none, best airway book ive ever seen
  22. Understanding Anesthesia Equipment 5th Ed.
  23. Regional Anesthesia
  24. looking for good OB book
  25. Clinical Techniques of Regional Anesthesia
  26. Atlas of Peripheral Nerve Blocks & Anatomy for Orthopaedic Anesthesia
  27. Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases
  28. Pediatric Rotation Help
  29. A professional study a nd resource guide for the CRNA
  30. Oxford American Handbook of Anesthesiology
  31. Anesthetic Uptake and Action
  32. What I Was Not Necessarily Taught About Anesthesia
  33. Some Advice
  34. Anesthesiology
  35. Pathophys books
  36. New Nagelhout taking pre orders on amazon
  37. New Jaffe taking pre orders
  38. www.campusbooks.com
  39. Nurse Anesthesia (Hardcover) 2009 4th edition
  40. Handbook of Nurse Anesthesia 4th Ed 2009.
  41. Anesthesiologist Manual of Surgical Pro. 4th Ed (JAFFE)
  42. Looking for a pocketbook
  43. Pediatric anesthesia Great book
  44. Question from a newly accepted SNA re: textbooks
  45. Nurse Anesthesia Pocket Guide: A Resource for Students and Clinicians (Spiral-bound)
  46. Opinions wanted on Valley Review Books
  47. The Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia (MARAA) Handbook (2009)
  48. International Version
  49. Best Care plan book?
  50. So I like to be extremely prepared
  51. Miller's Anesthesia 7th edition question
  52. Reading material...
  53. Is there a difference?
  54. First book to read for Pre-SRNA...
  55. Evidence Trumps Belief...any thoughts?
  56. Cardiac and regional
  57. Pharmacology Resources
  58. Anesthesia Crash Course by Charles Horton MD
  59. practice questions
  60. Need book for Test Review
  61. Clinical Handbook of Anesthesia or MGH
  62. Essence of Anesthesia Practice 3rd edition (available on kindle too)...
  63. starting school next fall..any book recommendations?
  64. Stoelting Co-Existing Disease New Edition?
  65. Anesthesia Secrets VS Nurse Anesthesia Secrets??
  66. Pharmacology reference recommendation
  67. E Book site
  68. Looking for good PACU book
  69. Textbook for Nurse Anesthesia
  70. Hazdic: Worth it?
  71. Essential Clinical Anesthesia (Vacanti)
  72. Anesthesia Pocket Card
  73. Anesthesia Pocket Card
  74. International Textbooks
  75. Simply Anesthesia: Nurse Anesthesia Handbook
  76. Physics in Anaesthesia - Book Review
  77. Review: Anesthesia Board Review: Made Ridiculously Easy!
  78. Article: Review: Simply Anesthesia: Nurse Anesthesia Handbook
  79. Watchful Care
  80. valley sweat and memory master books wanted.
  81. looking for a good review book to study A&P
  82. Anybody have valley pdf, books, or voice files?
  83. Prodigy Group Purchase! almost to 30 people- normally $450 but will be $315
  84. Free APEX Anesthesia Review Tutorial Available Through 12/21