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  1. [The Law Med Blog] If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes: And So It Goes At Winkler Memorial Hospital
  2. [The Law Med Blog] Medical Malpractice: Incidence and Insurance Rates Not What You Think
  3. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Murray’s Preliminary Hearing Delayed: Res Ipsa Loquitur
  4. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County, Mass.? RN Fired In Retaliation For Reporting EMTALA Violation: Lawsui
  5. [The Law Med Blog] Pre-Hospital Factors Predict Which Non-Trauma EMS Transported Patients Become Critica
  6. [The Law Med Blog] Sponge Count Erroneously Correct And Sponge In Abdomen? Surgeon Cannot Claim Nurses T
  7. [The Law Med Blog] Sodium Thiopental Shortage Delays Executions in Several States
  8. [The Law Med Blog] Dead Body Found Floating In Suspect Anesthesiologist’s Pool: Florida
  9. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia: We Still Don’t Know How It Works
  10. [The Law Med Blog] New Book On Pain: Eye Opening Perspective From A Patient
  11. [The Law Med Blog] The Anesthesia Awareness Horror Film “Anesthesia”
  12. [The Law Med Blog] U.S. Court of Appeals Rules No Link Between Autism and Vaccine
  13. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia Standard of Care: Dr. Bernstein, the ASA, Maryland Board of Physicians, an
  14. [The Law Med Blog] Malpractice liability costs U.S. $55.6 billion, mostly Defensive Medicine costs: stud
  15. [The Law Med Blog] NY Times: Anesthesia Risk Minuscule When CRNAs Give Anesthesia, Cost Effective
  16. [The Law Med Blog] NYT CRNA Editorial Hits The Fan: Drops an A-Bomb
  17. [The Law Med Blog] Dead Body In Florida Anesthesiologist’s Pool Identified
  18. [The Law Med Blog] ASA Response To NY Times A-Bomb Editorial On CRNA Supervision: Paradigm Shift?
  19. [The Law Med Blog] Radiology Technician Charged in Perry Ga. Mammogram Fiasco, 10 Delayed Cancer Diagnos
  20. [The Law Med Blog] Autism – Vaccination Link Was Dead According to Ct. of Appeals: Multi Million Dollar
  21. [The Law Med Blog] Fired Fulton County 911 Operator Sues the County For $10.5 Million
  22. [The Law Med Blog] South Miami Hospital Circumcises Baby After Parents Repeatedly Say No: VIDEO
  23. [The Law Med Blog] Parents Reject Vaccination On Religious Grounds, Sue Son’s Catholic School
  24. [The Law Med Blog] Plastic Surgery Center Faces Multiple Lawsuits For Filming Employees And Clients Nake
  25. [The Law Med Blog] Spinal Surgeon Shot At Hopkin’s By Patient’s Son After Surgery Leaves Mom Paralyzed
  26. [The Law Med Blog] Bayer Settles Cases Over Clotting Drug Trasylol Used During Heart Surgery
  27. [The Law Med Blog] American Society of Anesthesiologists Runs Terror Radio Ads In Colorado: Opt Out Of M
  28. [The Law Med Blog] Two Employees Sue Iroquois Memorial Hosp. Charging Violation Of Federal Wiretap Act
  29. [The Law Med Blog] Supervision of a CRNA: A Concept Without a Reliable Definition
  30. [The Law Med Blog] Unidentified Second Maryland Hospital Under Investigation For Unnecessary Procedures
  31. [The Law Med Blog] CALSTAR Flight Nurses Cleared of All Charges in 2008 Cricothyroidotomy Incident [VIDE
  32. [The Law Med Blog] Hospital Policies Can Create a Standard of Care and Surprise Liability
  33. [The Law Med Blog] Colorado Opts Out Of Federal Medicare CRNA Supervision Rule
  34. [The Law Med Blog] Hopkins Doctor Shot in Abdomen Released From Hospital
  35. [The Law Med Blog] Past Malpractice Claims Helping Doctors Avoid Future Mistakes
  36. [The Law Med Blog] CA Supreme Court Blocks Execution: Delayed Due To Sodium Pentothol Shortage
  37. [The Law Med Blog] Miami Woman Arrested Posing As Plastic Surgeon: Augments Buttocks With ‘Fix A Flat’
  38. [The Law Med Blog] Murder Convicted Toxicologist Wins New trial In Fentanyl Death
  39. [The Law Med Blog] Mass. Court Orders Merck To Pay $4.6 Million For Inflating Albuterol Prices
  40. [The Law Med Blog] There He Goes Again: Winkler County Hospital Administrator Wiley Resigns
  41. [The Law Med Blog] Calif. Gov. Signs Legislation For Oversight Of CT Scan Radiation
  42. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist Misinformation Rampant In Medicare CRNA Opt Out
  43. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County Hospital Administrator Stan Wiley Sneaks Out Of Town [VIDEO]
  44. [The Law Med Blog] CA Anesthesiologist Starts New Medical Society Targeting CRNAs [VIDEOS]
  45. [The Law Med Blog] Nurse Anesthetist is the 13th Best Job in America: CNN Money
  46. [The Law Med Blog] Army Finds Simple Blood Test To Identify Mild Brain Trauma
  47. [The Law Med Blog] FDA Approves Botox For Patients Having More Than 14 Migraine Days Per Month
  48. [The Law Med Blog] Federal Judge Rules 20 State Lawsuit Challenging Health Care Reform Can Proceed
  49. [The Law Med Blog] Baltimore Woman Dead 3 Hours Wakes When Anatomy Lab Comes For Body
  50. [The Law Med Blog] Malpractice Lawsuits Against Hospitals Increasing
  51. [The Law Med Blog] Singer Claims MRI Electrocuted Her: Cannot Learn New Music
  52. [The Law Med Blog] Controversial FDNY Rapid Organ Harvest Program Set To Begin
  53. [The Law Med Blog] Understanding The California CRNA “Ruling” Requires NOT Asking A Physician
  54. [The Law Med Blog] Arizona Proceeds With Execution Using Foreign Made Pentathol
  55. [The Law Med Blog] Published Medical Research Shockingly Unreliable And Biased Worldwide
  56. [The Law Med Blog] The Four Known Humans On Earth Who Are Not Aging [VIDEO]
  57. [The Law Med Blog] St. Joe’s In Baltimore Pays $22 Million In Unnecessary Stent Scheme
  58. [The Law Med Blog] Lexington VA Hosp Nurse Awaiting Trial For Murder Of Patient
  59. [The Law Med Blog] Propofol To Become Schedule IV Controlled Drug
  60. [The Law Med Blog] Jury Awards $1.5 Million To Parents Prevented From Viewing Body
  61. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist Found Liable For Cardiac Surgeon’s Poor Suturing
  62. [The Law Med Blog] FTC Warns Ala. Board of Medical Examiners On Limiting CRNA Practice
  63. [The Law Med Blog] Read The DEA Supporting Documents For Control Of Propofol
  64. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologists Trained Before 1980 Order Unnecessary Pre-Op Testing
  65. [The Law Med Blog] Judge: Liberty University Abortion Funding Law Suit Against Health Reform Dismissed
  66. [The Law Med Blog] Federal Report On Baltimore Hospital Stent Procedures Raises Fraud Questions
  67. [The Law Med Blog] Two Five Alarm Fires Smoke Law Med like A Ham
  68. [The Law Med Blog] More Shenanigans Revealed In Cardiac Lab At Baltimore St. Josephs
  69. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia Battle Royale: CRNA Says Enough Already
  70. [The Law Med Blog] FL Pain Doc Jailed In 2008 Charged With Murder Has License Revoked
  72. [The Law Med Blog] 5 Teens Dead From CO Poisoning At FL Hotel: Detroit EMS Is A Killer VIDEOS
  73. [The Law Med Blog] Petition Filed Tto Oust Winkler County Attorney Fostel: HURRY Before He Is Arrested
  74. [The Law Med Blog] Here Come The Judge: Outsider To Hear Winkler DA Removal Case
  76. [The Law Med Blog] Nurses are an equal, if not superior choice, to administer anesthesia
  77. [The Law Med Blog] Indicted Winkler County Gang Booked Into Jail: Read Charges
  78. [The Law Med Blog] Hospira Ceases Sodium Thiopental Production: Executions In Jeopardy
  79. [The Law Med Blog] Latest Deadly Drug Fad “Bath Salts” Prompts State Action
  80. [The Law Med Blog] Abortion Doc in Philly Charged With 8 Counts of Murder in Shop of Horrors
  81. [The Law Med Blog] Retaliation Against Winkler County Nurses Spurs Texas Legislature to Act
  82. [The Law Med Blog] Law Med Blog Launches Anesthesia Drug Shortage Page
  83. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia Drug Shortages Serious Threat to Patients
  84. [The Law Med Blog] CA Physicians Vow To Appeal Medicare Opt Out To Supreme Court
  85. [The Law Med Blog] Texas Medical Board Suspends Dr. Arafiles And Fails the Public
  86. [The Law Med Blog] Petition to Remove Winkler County DA Fostel Withdrawn
  87. [The Law Med Blog] CA Court of Appeals Denies Physician Groups Petition for Writ on Opt-Out
  88. [The Law Med Blog] Maryland Stent Scandal Could Lead to Gift Ban for Doctors
  89. [The Law Med Blog] Jackson’s Dr Murray Manslaughter Trial to be TV Event
  90. [The Law Med Blog] Nevada Dr Desai Found Incompetent to Stand Trial in Propofol Case
  91. [The Law Med Blog] Law Med Launches Nevada Hepatitis C Propofol Contamination Page
  92. [The Law Med Blog] The Road to Incompetent to Stand Trial for Dr Desai
  93. [The Law Med Blog] Inmates Sue FDA Over Death Penalty Drug Shortage
  94. [The Law Med Blog] $2.5 Mil Awarded in Rx Death of 4 y/o, $4.1 Mil in 29 y/o
  95. [The Law Med Blog] Man Dies After ER Says Call 911 For Cardiac Arrest In Parking Lot
  96. [The Law Med Blog] CRNA Defense Lawyer Seeks Delay In Nevada Hep C Propofol Trial
  97. [The Law Med Blog] Prosecutor Doesn’t Buy Dr. Desai’s Claimed Mental Impairment
  98. [The Law Med Blog] Surgeon Guilty of Manslaughter for Home Gallbladder Surgery
  99. [The Law Med Blog] Woman Claims Murderous Dr Gosnell Aborted Fetus Against Her Will [VIDEO]
  100. [The Law Med Blog] FAA Faces Another Lawsuit Over MSP Medevac Crash
  101. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler Nurses Testify Before Texas Senate [VIDEO]
  102. [The Law Med Blog] Teva Appeals $500M Verdict In Nevada Hep C Case: Serious Issues
  103. [The Law Med Blog] Serious Questions Exist About Cause Of Nevada Hepatitis C Outbreak
  104. [The Law Med Blog] Doctor Beats Up Patient While Talking To 911
  105. [The Law Med Blog] Baltimore St. Joseph’s Cardiac Surgeon Sues Alleging Whistleblower Retaliation
  106. [The Law Med Blog] LSU Nurse Anesthesia Student Sues Over “Hazing”
  107. [The Law Med Blog] Doctor And Nurse Indicted For Drug Deaths Of Six Patients
  108. [The Law Med Blog] Rep. Burgess Re-Introduces Tort Reform
  109. [The Law Med Blog] Judge Orders Year Long Delay In Nevada Hep C Criminal Trial
  110. [The Law Med Blog] Nevada Supreme Court To Make Crucial Hepatitis Case Evidence Determination
  111. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County DA Fostel Retiring April 30th
  112. [The Law Med Blog] Nevada Dr. Desai Led In Handcuffs To Mental Hospital
  113. [The Law Med Blog] Mass Murderer Dr. Gosnell Update: Death Penalty Sought And More Docs Involved
  114. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County Hospital Admin Stan Wiley Pleads Guilty And Is In Jail
  115. [The Law Med Blog] $6.7M, BMW Awarded To Woman With Herpes
  116. [The Law Med Blog] Class Action Against Hospital Involving 45 Deaths During Hurricaine Katrina Settles
  117. [The Law Med Blog] 103 Y/O Federal Judge Lightening Caseload Cites His O2 Tank Depletion
  118. [The Law Med Blog] You Can No Longer Buy Oxycodone From Ice Cream Truck Lickity Split
  119. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Kermit Gosnell Murder, Insurance Fraud And Frozen Assets
  120. [The Law Med Blog] Nevada Urologist’s Patients Advised Get Tested For Hepatitis
  121. [The Law Med Blog] Why The Anesthetic Propofol Should Be A Controlled Substance
  122. [The Law Med Blog] VIDEOS: WA Eye Surgeon Gets 20 Years For Plot To Kill Business Partner
  123. [The Law Med Blog] 1 Out of 3 Hospital Patients Victims of Adverse Events
  124. [The Law Med Blog] Broke: Dr. Desai Victims Unlikely to Collect in Nevada Hepatitis C Outbreak
  125. [The Law Med Blog] Jackson Trial Jurors Asked “Have You Used Propofol?”
  126. [The Law Med Blog] Nurse Anesthetist Faces Possible Life Sentence Guilty of Molestation
  127. [The Law Med Blog] Ohio Anesthesiologist Guilty of Murder Gets life
  128. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler Prosecutor Seeks Change of Venue For Trial of Sheriff
  129. [The Law Med Blog] Lap-Band Death Blamed On Anesthesiologist
  130. [The Law Med Blog] Surgeon Operates On Wrong Eye Of 4 Y/O [VIDEO]
  131. [The Law Med Blog] Judge Moves Trial Of Winkler Sheriff To Midland
  132. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist Aquitted In Assisted Suicide Trial But Faces Another
  133. [The Law Med Blog] Dipak Desai Now Facing Federal Charges But Will He Ever Be Tried?
  134. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Desai’s Office Manager Feels “Betrayed”
  135. [The Law Med Blog] $2M Lesson In Anesthesia Malpractice
  136. [The Law Med Blog] Hospira Resumes Propofol Manufacturing
  137. [The Law Med Blog] Submit Topics or Guest Author Material to Law Med
  138. [The Law Med Blog] Cedars Sinai Must Pay Whistleblower Surgeon $4.7 Million
  139. [The Law Med Blog] Former Anesthesia Student Ordered to Court
  140. Former Nurse Anesthetist cleared of Murder charges
  141. [The Law Med Blog] Laney v LSU Hazing Case Update
  142. [The Law Med Blog] Law Med Blog Targeted In Federal Lawsuit By Righthaven
  143. [The Law Med Blog] Lack of Surgeon’s Experience Cited in $4.4M Verdict
  144. [The Law Med Blog] $550K Awarded in Failure Communicate Lung Mass From CT
  145. [The Law Med Blog] $260K For Retained Surgical Sponge
  146. [The Law Med Blog] Federal Jury Awards Anesthesiologist $8.8M
  147. [The Law Med Blog] $58 Million Malpractice Award Record in CT [VIDEO]
  148. [The Law Med Blog] Study Shows Tort Reform Decreases Medical Malpractice Claims
  149. [The Law Med Blog] Jailed FL Dentist Wrestled 85 y/o Over Dentures
  150. OPT OUT
  151. [The Law Med Blog] Criminal Trial of Winkler County Sheriff Begins [VIDEO]
  152. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler Nurse Takes Stand As First Witness Against Sheriff
  153. [The Law Med Blog] LSU Nurse Anesthesia Hazing Case Dismissed
  154. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Arafiles Working At Cozby Germany Hospital In Texas
  155. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia Drug Propofol Shortage Update
  156. [The Law Med Blog] Medical Board Witnesses Blast Sheriff Roberts In Court
  157. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler Sheriff Trial Day 5 BLOCKBUSTER! 3rd Nurse Sent Complaint
  158. [The Law Med Blog] Jury Gets Winkler County Sheriff Case Today [VIDEO]
  159. [The Law Med Blog] Hear The Story of the Winkler County Nurses from Those Involved [AUDIO]
  162. [The Law Med Blog] Federal Lawsuit Against Law Med Blog Circles The Drain
  163. [The Law Med Blog] Pediatrician Found Guilty of Multiple Child Rapes
  164. [The Law Med Blog] Self-Proclaimed Cosmetic Surgeon On Trial For 3 Patient Homicides
  165. [The Law Med Blog] Teva Wins HUGE In Propofol Case Credit U.S. Supreme Court
  166. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia Malpractice In ‘Simple’ Eye Case $2.25 Million Judgment
  167. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County Attorney Tidwell Criminal Trial Starts Sept. 12
  168. [The Law Med Blog] Missouri CRNAs Win Appeal In Pain Management Practice Case
  170. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Arafiles Indicted On Felony Perjury
  171. [The Law Med Blog] Colorado Anesthesia Providers Find Fears of Propofol Scheduling Overblown
  172. [The Law Med Blog] Former Student Sues WV Mountain State University Nurse Anesthesia Program
  173. [The Law Med Blog] Embattled Dr. Midei’s License Revoked by Md. Board of Physicians
  174. [The Law Med Blog] MSU Must Show Cause Why Accreditation Should Not Be Yanked
  175. [The Law Med Blog] Medical Video Tube Is A Huge Free Online Collection Of Medical Videos
  176. [The Law Med Blog] AZ Cosmetic Surgeon Guilty On 2 Counts Murder 1 Count Manslaughter
  177. [The Law Med Blog] Former Nursing Students Win Damages For School Losing Accreditaion
  178. [The Law Med Blog] Discontinuation of Pentothal Leads to Historic Videotaped Execution
  179. [The Law Med Blog] Nevada Supreme Court Issues important Evidence Rulings In Hepatitis C Cases
  180. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County Attorney Scott Tidwell Trial Begins Sept 26 In Howard County [VIDEO]
  181. [The Law Med Blog] Mountain State Univ. Perfect For Students With No Intent To Graduate
  182. [The Law Med Blog] Jury Awards $340K For Unecessary Thyroid Removal
  183. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist Defends Self In Malpractice Case, Must Pay $5 Million
  184. [The Law Med Blog] Fargo Physician Charged In Propofol Rape
  185. [The Law Med Blog] Righthaven Ignores A Judges Order And Commits Fraud Upon The Court
  186. [The Law Med Blog] Jackson Propofol Homicide Trial Begins September 26
  187. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist Charged With Multiple Patient Rape And Abuse
  188. [The Law Med Blog] Law Med Blog Files Affidavit Accusing Righthaven Of Lying To The Court
  189. [The Law Med Blog] MSU Files Answer In Nurse Anesthesia Student Lawsuit Part I
  190. [The Law Med Blog] MSU Files Answer In Nurse Anesthesia Student Lawsuit Part II
  191. [The Law Med Blog] DE Pediatrician Sentenced to 14 Life Terms For Chiild Rape
  192. [The Law Med Blog] Second Hepatitis C Trial Underway Against Propofol Maker
  193. [The Law Med Blog] $4.7 M Awarded Ruptured Esophagus During Intubation
  194. [The Law Med Blog] Law Med Blog Files Motion To Dismiss Federal Righthaven Lawsuit
  195. [The Law Med Blog] $21.4 Million Awarded To Non-Compliant Diabetic Discharged Early
  196. [The Law Med Blog] Florida Teen Arrested Impersonating A Physicians Assistant
  197. [The Law Med Blog] Righthaven Death Watch Enters Welcomed Stages
  198. [The Law Med Blog] Hookers: Winkler County Atty Scott Tidwell Paid $4,000 For Sex
  199. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler’s Scott Tidwell: Happy Ending In 2003 Unlikely In 2011
  200. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Desai Now Competant to Stand Trial Say His Doctors
  201. [The Law Med Blog] Righthaven Fails To Oppose Our Motion To Dimiss
  202. [The Law Med Blog] BREAKING: Call Girl Will Testify Against Tidwell Next Week
  203. [The Law Med Blog] Nevada Hepatitis C Outbreak Lawsuit Update [VIDEO]
  204. [The Law Med Blog] Remembering MSP Medevac Trooper 2 Three Years On [VIDEO]
  205. [The Law Med Blog] LIVE: Internet Radio Interview With Tidwell Sex For Pay Girls
  206. [The Law Med Blog] Listen: Tidwell Call Girl Speaks Out And So Does Law Med
  207. [The Law Med Blog] STUNNING Propofol Evidence In Jackson Physician Manslaughter Trial
  208. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler County Atty Tidwell Criminal Trial Testimony Begins
  209. [The Law Med Blog] Jackson Received More Propofol Than Anyone In Medical History
  210. [The Law Med Blog] Former Sheriff Robert Roberts Arrested Monday By HCSO
  211. [The Law Med Blog] Tidwell Trial Update: TX Medical Board Schools Defense [VIDEO]
  212. [The Law Med Blog] Advertising Company Sued Over Lap Band Surgery Death
  213. [The Law Med Blog] Nurse Anesthetist Assoc. Warned Propofol Abuse Deadly 3 Days Before Jackson’s Death
  214. [The Law Med Blog] Defense In Tidwell Trial Rests Without Calling Any Witnesses [VIDEO]
  215. [The Law Med Blog] Man Sues Baylor, Claims GPS Tracking Device Surgically Implanted
  216. [The Law Med Blog] Propofol Explained: Factual Expert Answers On Jackson Case
  218. [The Law Med Blog] Tidwell’s Prostitute Enjoyment Subject Of Testimony In Sentencing Phase
  219. [The Law Med Blog] Medical Video Tube: Free Online Collection Of 4000+ Medical Videos
  220. [The Law Med Blog] Scott Tidwell Sentenced To 120 Days In Jail: Hookers Testify
  221. [The Law Med Blog] Toxicology In The Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial
  222. [The Law Med Blog] Cardiologist Buries Conrad Murray During Testimony
  223. [The Law Med Blog] Dr. Arafiles Represents Himself In Court: His Client Is A Fool
  224. [The Law Med Blog] Juries Slap Propofol Companies With Over $280M Damages In Hep C Cases
  225. [The Law Med Blog] Indonesian Court Awards $250k For Botched Nose Job
  226. [The Law Med Blog] Company Increases Availabillity Of Propofol
  227. [The Law Med Blog] SHOCKING: Convicted Attorney Tidwell Appointed To Represent County
  228. Anesthesiologist Testifying at Dr. Conrad Murray Trial
  229. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist In Murray Trial Calls Colleague “Scumbag”
  230. [The Law Med Blog] Hospital & Surgeon Equally Responsible For Retained Surgical Sponge
  231. [The Law Med Blog] Winkler Nurse Whistleblower Target Dr. Arafiles Surrenders License
  232. [The Law Med Blog] AZ Cosmetic Surgeon Sentenced to 25 Years On 3 Homicide Counts [VIDEO]
  233. [The Law Med Blog] $2.4 M Verdict: Nurse Failed To Report Patient Change
  234. [The Law Med Blog] MSU Sued By More Nursing Students Over Lost Accreditation
  235. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist As Expert Witness: Murray Trial Lessons How Not To [VIDEO]
  236. [The Law Med Blog] Arafiles Giulty In Sweetheart Plea Deal: 2 Months Jail Time
  237. [The Law Med Blog] Texas Attorney General News Release Re: Dr. Arafiles
  238. [The Law Med Blog] 4th Guilty Plea To Murder In Gosnell Baby Disposal Clinic Case
  239. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesia Murder 5th Philly Abortion Clinic Guilty Plea
  240. [The Law Med Blog] Mom Who Got 15 y/o Job Giving Anesthesia 6th Guilty Plea
  241. [The Law Med Blog] Ex Nurse Anesthetist Sentenced To Life +25 Years [VIDEO]
  242. [The Law Med Blog] Anesthesiologist Expert In Murray Trial In Contempt, Fined
  243. [The Law Med Blog] Nurse Charged With Murder In fatal Nursing Home Fire [VIDEO]
  244. [The Law Med Blog] NY Pain Doc Arrested: 10 Patients Dead From OD [VIDEO]
  245. [The Law Med Blog] Mountain State Univ Fails In Bid For Nursing School Accreditation
  246. [The Law Med Blog] Surgeon Has Bail Reduced In Propofol Rape Case
  247. [The Law Med Blog] MSU Making Claims Not Based In Reality Re Nursing Program Woes
  248. [The Law Med Blog] Watch Harsh Words Delivered By Judge Pastor At Murray Sentencing [VIDEO]
  249. [The Law Med Blog] MSU Nursing Dean Chaired Failed Nursing Program Before
  250. [The Law Med Blog] Wake Forest Anesthesiologist Charged With Serial Indecent Exposure