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  1. Article: IPHONE/IPAD App Available NOW!
  2. Article: The Hard Truth
  3. Article: 5 phases of admission terror!
  4. Article: Did you make an early academic mistake? No worries....
  5. Article: About the Money
  6. Article: Sentencing delayed for former nurse-anesthetist
  7. Article: Former Nursing Students Win Damages For School Losing Accreditaion
  8. Article: Nurse Anesthesia Program Interview Prep Guide
  9. Article: CRNA Friendly Ultrasound Regional Class
  10. Article: MDAs and CRNAs: Co-Op and Conflict research
  11. Article: Just another reason to use ketamine
  12. Article: APN Outcomes 1990-2008 Systematic Review Powerful Tool For ALL APNs.
  13. Article: Yes, a surgeon can be sued for the actions of an MDA.
  16. Article: Study from Johns Hopkins States APN care = MD care
  17. Article: Surgeon Accused of Using Propofol as Date Rape Drug
  18. Article: Another AMAZING Military CRNA gets 2 bronze stars
  19. Article: ORANA Creates informative CRNA Video
  20. Article: Research shows at least 70% of Student Nurse Anesthetists are mistreated
  21. Article: New Recertification Exam & Increased CEU Requirements For CRNAs
  22. Article: NBCRNA Releases New Info on Recertification
  23. Article: 2011 Average Annual CRNA Salary: $168,998
  24. Article: FDA: Ondansetron Linked to Arrhythmias
  25. Article: President’s healthcare cuts affecting some Medicare Part B, rural, and Medic
  26. Article: Anesthesiologist Accused of Diverting Pain Medication
  27. Article: Iowa CRNAs In Legal Proceedings vs IMS ISA
  28. Article: Researchers Develop System for Grading Anesthesia Resident Performance
  29. Article: ADHD Drug May Help Wake People Up After Surgery
  30. Article: TAP Blocks Reduce Pain for Ambulatory Laparoscopic Procedures
  31. Article: How One Small Group Sets Doctors’ Pay
  32. Article: The Impact of Volatile Anesthetics on the Environment
  33. Article: Advisory Comm. suggests 5.9% a year for three years and then remain flat for
  34. Article: Can you be fired for your online comments? Sometimes says NLRB
  35. Article: Decoding the Physician God Complex
  36. Article: Anesthesiologist wants remediation, but not responsibility
  37. Article: KY Medical Association Attacks Everyone Who is Not an MD/DO With Propaganda.
  38. Article: Hospital mass layoffs on the rise
  39. Article: General Anesthesia Does Not Boost Cancer Risk, Study Finds
  40. Article: UPenn Study Shows Increased Alzheimer's Biomarkers in Patients After Anesthesia and Surgery
  41. Article: National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery Identifies Surgeries With Higher PONV
  42. Article: More mass layoffs as hospitals face payment cuts
  43. Article: Anesthesiologist Develops Injections to Treat PTSD
  44. Article: DNAP student returns from serving overseas
  45. Article: Surgery on the Terminally Ill in the USA, is it worth it?
  46. Article: FTC Puts Smackdown On Anti-APN Pain Legislation in Tennessee
  47. Article: Anesthesia Quality Institute Starts New Incident Reporting System
  48. Article: AARP Supports Removing Barriers to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Care
  49. Article: Medical errors, and resources to help prevent them
  50. Article: Even After AANA and ASA Warnings, MedPAC to Reject Plan to Cut Specialist Pa
  51. Article: Teva, Baxter Ordered to Pay $14 Million Over Anesthetic Drug
  52. Article: Physician Bullied By Nurses Asks For Advice
  53. Article: Doctors' Blatant Misuse of Anesthetic Exposes Companies to Billions in Damag
  54. Article: Are Doctors Becoming Obsolete?
  55. Article: FDA to launch surgical fire prevention initiative
  56. Article: Louisa, Ky. Anesthesiologist Charged with Fradulently Billing $90,000
  57. Article: Anesthesia Does Not Increase Delirium in the Elderly
  58. Article: Popliteal blocks cause rebound pain compared to anesthesia
  59. Article: Innovative pain techniques taught at tri-service ultrasound course
  60. Article: Medicare Hospital Rule Change to Save $5 Billion, APNs to get Full Practice
  61. Article: ALL CRNA Ultrasound Regional Anesthesia Class Feb 11th & 12th
  62. Article: U.S. Moves to Cut Back Regulations on Hospitals Increase APN Use
  63. Article: Nurse Anesthetist Develops Strategies for Preventing Post-Surgical Blindness
  64. Article: Medicare Creates Website To Compare Hospitals & Patient Safety
  65. Article: Sounding an Alarm for Hospital-employed CRNAs
  66. Article: Medicare Cuts Will Slash Healthcare Jobs, AHA Says
  67. Article: New Study: Anesthesia Death Rate Rising, Older Patients at Risk
  68. Article: Anesthesiologist Pays $8.2Mil for Recommending Impaired Colleague
  69. Article: Ira P. Gunn A Tireless Advocate For CRNAs Died Today.
  70. Article: CRNA on Air Force special operations medical team saves lives, helps shape f
  71. Article: New York anesthesiologist found guilty of malpractice
  72. Article: COA Announces Major Revision of Standards for Accreditation of CRNA Programs
  73. Article: The Role of the Anesthesiologist on the NBCRNA Board of Directors
  74. Article: Be Careful With What You Say About One Another
  75. Article: CRNA Appointed to Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Professional & Technical
  76. Article: Medicare OPPS, ASC payments to increase less than 2 percent in 2012
  77. Article: State system let addicted CRNA work for 15 years
  78. Article: 10 Ways to Evaluate Your Current Surgery Center Anesthesia Provider
  79. Article: All That's White Isn’t Necessarily Propofol
  80. Article: Florida Looks to Expand APRN Scope of Practice to Save Millions for CMS, Flo
  81. Article: Protecting Patients Or Doctors?
  82. Article: The Art of Negotiating Employment Agreements
  83. Article: ABMS to make physician maintenance-of-certification status public
  84. Article: Anesthesiologist in fatal liposuction case showed ‘profound lapses of judgme
  85. Article: California Anesthesiologists rejecting Medi-Cal
  86. Article: Value Added Services
  87. Article: NCSBN Posts National APRN Maps on Progress Toward Regulatory Uniformity on n
  88. Article: Test for Hospital Budgets: Are the Patients Pleased?
  89. Article: Medicare Part B Anesthesia Payments to be Cut 26.2 Percent in January
  90. Article: A nurse anesthetist isn't the same as an anesthesiologist
  91. Article: Average CRNA Salary in 2011 Nears $169k
  93. Article: Hospital CEO jailed in Anesthesia Fraud Scheme
  94. Article: Forced-air Warming Does Not Reduce Quality of Operating Room Air
  95. Article: Survey Reveals 78% of Healthcare Executives Prioritizing Perioperative Cost
  96. Article: Revealing their medical errors: Why three doctors went public
  97. NBCRNA CPC Update
  98. Nurse Anesthetist in Cobb gets life for assaulting women under sedation
  99. 30% of Surgeons at Kaweah Delta vote against using nurse anesthetists
  100. Nurse Anesthetist Saves life on Cub Scout trip
  101. Article: Nurse Anesthetist War Stories
  102. Anesthesiologist Accused of Selling Prescriptions
  103. How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Anesthesia After the Supreme Court Rules?
  104. AANA Presidents replies to Dr Sibert / ASA propaganda article with facts
  105. Article: Anesthesia & Analgesia Launches iPad App
  106. Article: Marilyn Tavenner will assume the top spot at the CMS
  107. Costly U.S. health system delivers uneven care
  108. FDA Dispute Panel to Look at Propofol Device
  109. Article: Smokers, obese workers penalized with higher health insurance premiums
  110. Premier Anesthesia Develops "tele-anesthesia" Program
  112. Article: First Woman To Serve As Army Surgeon General To Be Sworn In Dec. 7
  113. Article: Providers Sue to Block Medi-Cal Cuts
  114. Article: AANA President comments on AMA resolution to control APNs
  115. Time of operation does not impact mortality after surgery, study finds
  116. Article: Murray Gets Four Years in Michael Jackson Case
  117. Colorado Anesthesiologists Attempt to Punish CRNAs by not offering AANA Approved CEs
  118. Article: Bomb Buried in Obamacare Explodes
  119. Article: Super committee gone, 27% Medicare pay cut threat remains
  120. Article: More medical schools face LCME sanctions after deviating from standards
  121. Article: SEDASYS FDA Meeting Cancelled.
  122. Article: Anti-Nausea Drug Zofran May Still Be Effective, Despite FDA Investigation In
  123. Seattle Patient Suffers Serious facial Burns During Surgery
  124. Article: LAWMED: Wake Forest Anesthesiologist Charged With Serial Indecent Exposure
  125. Article: Anesthesiologist calls drug diversions an "urban legend"
  126. Article: Iowa Anesthesiologists license suspended amid allegations
  127. Article: 2 Anesthesiologists and Surgeon Lose Nerve Damage Lawsuit
  128. Article: Anesthesiologist & surgeon sued for teens death
  129. Article: Health care worker fatigue and patient safety
  130. Article: Duke Nurse Anesthesia Program to explore clinical iPad use
  131. Article: As practitioners Use More Devices, Potential for Distraction Grows
  132. Article: Nurses rank as most trusted profession yet again
  133. Article: Senate OKs two-month freeze on doc pay
  134. Article: Orthopods not stupid and strong like Ox, study reveals.
  135. Article: RN Takes Over at CMS
  136. Article: CRNA Wins Prestigious Award from The Washingtonian
  137. Article: Why Belong to the AANA?
  138. Article: AHA urges court to uphold CO decision to opt out of CRNA supervision
  139. Article: Congress Band-Aids SGR... For 2 Months
  140. Article: New Guidelines for Malignant Hyperthermia Complication at Ambulatory Surgica
  141. Article: The Nurse Practitioner-Run ED
  142. Article: Merry Christmas!
  143. Article: Iowa Nurse Anesthesia Safer than Ever 10 Years after Physician Supervision R
  144. Article: Many surgeons don't discuss end-of-life care
  145. Article: Solving the Anesthesia Mystery
  146. CRNA Member Published in GulfCoast U/S NewsLetter
  147. Article: Anesthesia Boosts Colonoscopy Price Tag
  148. Article: Happy New Year!!
  149. Article: Congress misses another chance to fix Medicare SGR
  150. NBCRNA and Our Duty as a Profession
  151. Article: Minn. Hospital Mistakenly Gives Patient Paralytic
  152. Article: Inspirational Blog by Dr Norm Wu as he Battles Lung Cancer at 40
  153. Article: Survey Finds ‘Discouraging’ Injection Habits Among Anesthesiologists
  154. Article: Safe to say, anesthesia less risky than ever
  155. Article: Maryland Family Sues Anesthesiologist and Dentist for Wrongful Death
  156. Article: Study: No Difference B/T Open and Robotic Prostatectomy
  157. Article: Are there jobs out there for new grad RNs?
  158. Article: Are Anesthesia Providers Destined to Become Hospital Employees?
  159. Article: Larger role sought for advanced practice nurses
  160. Article: Why someone might not hire you
  161. Article: GOP Presidential Hopefuls And Their Stand On Health Care
  162. Article: Wisconsin Association of Nurse Anesthetists Marks 75th Year Anniversary
  163. Article: Doctors Make Mistakes. Should they apologize?
  164. Article: What does freedom mean?
  165. Article: Happy Nurse Anesthetist Week 2012
  166. Article: Vote for CRNA of the YEAR!
  167. Article: Are you ready for ACO?
  168. Article: Arizona Anesthesiologist Molests Women Under Anesthesia
  169. Article: AANA Region 5 Director Discusses "Full Service CRNAs"
  170. Article: New Air Force Policy Recognizes Full Scope of Nurse Anesthetist Practice
  171. Article: Retrospective on Former AANA President Goldie Brangman
  172. Article: Anesthesiologist Accused of Gross Negligence
  173. Article: Obama considering malpractice reform?
  174. Article: SGR Action Starts Up Again
  175. Article: Misinformation Rampant In Medicare CRNA Opt Out
  176. Article: Balancing Supervision and Autonomy: An Ongoing Tension
  177. Article: 14 Hospitals Pay $12M to Settle Medicare Fraud Charges
  178. Article: CRNA Owned Resource Anesthesia Adds Locations Under Management, Announces Ad
  179. Article: 1 In 10 Doctors Is Lying To Stay Out Of Court?
  180. Article: Beckers ASC Review Publishes Article With Inaccurate and Damaging Statement About Nurse Anesthetists
  181. Article: Deal Near on Medicare SGR Fix
  182. Article: Nurse Anesthetist & Son Charged With Sexual Exploitation of a Child
  183. Article: SGR Fix for 10 Months...but at a price
  184. Article: AANA President Replies to Medscape Article Comments By Anesthesiologist
  185. Article: Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Efforts Result in Record-Breaki
  186. Article: Teva Said to Pay $250 Million to End Nevada Propofol Cases
  187. Article: NBCRNA CPC Program Finalized
  188. Article: Senators Want Medical Boards Investigated
  189. Article: A Real SGR ‘Doc Fix’ ?
  190. Article: HHS may require doctors to keep Medicare financial records for 10 years
  191. Article: Court Rules Family CAN Use Secret Recording In Negligence Suit
  192. Article: What Doctors Don't Understand About Anesthesia
  193. Article: Surgical Catastrophes Affect Anesthesia Too
  194. Article: How Anesthetic Isoflurane Induces Alzheimer's-Like Changes
  195. Article: A dramatic drop in PA salary, but just a dip for NPs
  196. Article: 90% of Physicians polled would not recommend Medicine as a profession.
  197. Article: How much do drug allergies matter?
  198. Article: Exceptionally Stable Fluorous Emulsions for the Intravenous Delivery of Vola
  199. Article: Former Nurse Anesthetist Student Sues Webster University
  200. Article: CRNA Payment Question Striking More Critical Access Hospitals
  201. Article: Full sized LEGO Anesthesia Machine!
  202. Article: CRNA Pain treatments at heart of dispute In MO
  203. Article: Drug Shortages Increasing Demand From Compound Pharmacies
  204. Article: Aromatherapy For PONV? One Study Says YES!
  205. Article: The Paradox of Supervision
  206. Article: Journal "Anesthesiology" Confirms that Anesthesiologist Supervision Often Lapses
  207. Article: California Opt Out STANDS! Major Win for CRNAs!
  208. Article: 17.7% Cut to SGR Suggested By MedPAC Sent to Congress
  209. Article: Having an Anesthesiologist Provides No Legal Protection for Surgeon
  210. Article: JAMA: Over 6 years Anesthesia Costs For GI Services Have Doubled
  211. Article: Legal experts predict a Supreme Court win for 'Obamacare'
  212. Article: FTC Backs APNs Again.
  213. Article: FTC Backs Missouri CRNAs on Pain Practice
  214. Article: Canadian Province Considering Nurse Anesthetists
  215. Article: Happy Doctor's Day to all our Physician Colleagues!
  216. Article: Anesthesiologist Gives Propofol to Daughter at Home
  217. Article: ASA Announces New Partnership with AANA to Promote Independent Practice
  218. Article: Texas Hospital Won't Hire Very Obese Workers
  219. Article: Anesthesiologist found Negligent in Brain Injury Case
  220. Article: Patient in Texas exposed to unclean surgical instruments
  221. Article: Reject costly pain-management bill
  222. Article: The CRNA-PAC Student Coffee Challenge!
  223. Article: Calif. Anesthesiologist want SC to review anesthetists case
  224. Article: Restricted: NP Prescriptive Authority in Florida
  225. Article: Southern Miss Prepares Groundwork for Nurse Anesthesia Program
  226. Article: Anesthesiologist Responsible for new Record of Publications Retractions
  227. Article: Nurse anesthetists not just a negotiating ploy: Canada Says
  228. Article: Surgeon Sues Anesthesiologist for Defamation of Character
  229. Article: Seven deaths attributed to anesthesia drug shortages
  230. Article: Wisconsin Governor Signs Anesthesiologist Assistants Licensure Bill
  231. Article: Fentanyl Tops Drug Shortage List
  232. Article: Anesthesiologist sued for post op neuro complications
  233. Article: Nurse Practitioner on The Hill Through 3 Administrations
  234. Article: Blood Transfusions Still Overused?
  235. Article: Kentucky 17th State to Opt Out of Federal Supervision for CRNAs
  236. Article: Swedish man wakes up mid surgery
  237. Article: MHA Voices Concern With CRNA Reimbursement
  238. Article: 2012 Anesthesiologist Salary Survey Shows Declining Wages
  239. Article: Kentucky ASA Misinformation About Opt Out: Reality Check
  240. Article: Six States Account for Over 50% of Malpractice Payouts
  241. Article: Anesthesiologists Stipend Highest of Hospital Based Services
  242. Article: Missouri Senator Tom Dempsey Seeks to Limit Access to Pain Services
  243. Article: $452 Million Dollar Medicare Bust
  244. Article: Expand Nurse Practitioner Practice
  245. Article: Cancelled surgeries cost hospitals millions
  246. Article: American Pain Foundation Shuts Down as Senators Launch Investigation of Pres
  247. Article: NJ Anesthesiologist Doing Surgery Without Proper Training
  248. Article: A heroic CRNA - and why CRNAs are the lifeblood of rural hospitals.
  249. Article: CMS expands medical staff definition to include APRNs
  250. Article: European Society of Anesthesiology Retraction Upsets US GI Docs